众所周知,早期美式6L6后级的音箱和早期的英国EL34后级的音箱发展是有着密不可分的关系,英式最早的JTM45的电路就是完全基于大洋彼岸59 BASSMAN的设计。
Silver 59的设计灵感及愿望,来自于早期那些美式音箱开到最大功率时所产生的后级过载,加入一点早期英式音箱的前级特性进行独特的结合,放入一块单块效果器里。在经历了一系列的测试调节与反复聆听,最终,我们得到了一个操作简便,音色自然又不失冲击力、肥美多汁但不浑浊、泛音丰富且富有动态的一种独特的过载效果器,非常适合布鲁斯,传统摇滚,乡村,爵士音乐
Silver 59有着敏锐的触弦反应,对所有的演奏动作都有良好的反馈。VOL旋钮的功能与真正音箱的音量旋钮功能类似,不同位置带来不同的动态;而GAIN旋钮所带来的音色塑形,并不像市面上那些高增益的那样改变了吉他本来的声音特点,,而是有着清晰干净的分离度。配合吉他上音量与音色电位器,可以得到从干净的clean boost 到low gain solo drive ,别让你的音色电位器成为摆设,让它给你带来更多乐趣吧!
Silver 59简单却有效的整体调节功能,对所有不同类型音箱以及不同吉他都有非常好的适应能力。无论你是美式风格的6L6后级,还是英式风格的EL34后级,乃至纯A类EL84风格放大器,无论是st还是les paul 或更现代风格的吉他,都能与之搭配出独特而惊人的声音,你甚至都可以永远开着它。



The design inspiration and aspiration of the Silver 59 comes from the early American amplifers post stage overdrive generated by maximum power. By incorporating some of the pre stage characteristics of early British amplifier, and uniquely combined into a single pedal effector. After rounds and rounds of tests, adjustments, and repeated listening, we finally got a unique low gain overdrive effector that is easy to operate, with a natural and impactful sound, rich and juicy but not muddy, rich harmonic, and full of dynamic. It is very suitable for blues, traditional rock, country, funk, jazz, and more.


 Silver 59 has a sensitive string touch response and good feedback on all playing movements. The function of the VOL knob is similar to that of a real amp's volume knob, with different positions bringing different dynamics; The sound shaping brought by the GAIN knob does not like those high gain on the market which will change the original sound characteristics of guitars, but rather has clear clean resolution. By combining the volume and tone controls on the guitar, you can get a clean boost to a low gain solo drive. Don't let your tone control just become a decoration, let it bring you more fun!

The Silver 59 has a simple yet effective overall adjustment, which has good adaptability to all different types of amps and guitars. Whether you are an American style 6L6 power stage, an English style EL34 power stage, or even a pure A-class EL84 style amplifier, whether it's a Stratocaster, les Paul, or other modern style guitars, all can getting with a unique and amazing sound, and you can even turn it on forever